Monday, January 30, 2017

Last week our class took a trip to the Baltimore Museum or Art and were told to pick three pieces from the museum that we liked best. The ones I liked the best were one, Pablo Picasos still life oil on canvas. Also the third picture is Camille Pissarros art work named, Strollers on a Country Road, La Varenne-Saint-Hilaire. This is also another oil on canvas piece that caught my eye. It caught my eye most because of the landscape and how is seems like a very old sort of farm lands. The second picture was my favorite piece out of the three. This one is my favorite because it is also has a landscape feel to it and when I was looking at it, I thought about architecture and a sky view of a piece of property. It almost looks like there is buildings and trees and other types of structures to make up the piece and it made me think about my past with doing floor plans and properties when I was creating a house on the computer for my class in high school. 

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