Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Shape of Time

In this piece it talks about different authors such as Luini and Romano. It also talks about Leonardo and Raphael, what its main point is that both of these artists are very good at what they do but they can not be compared because they are both opposites and so different in the art that they produce. Luini and Romano were great artists and since they were around at the same time as Leonardo and Raphael. a lot of there art was not praised as much as it should have been and not as good due to the more popular artist but they were still great artist. This proves that normal people that are not all high and mighty can make something out of nothing and to keep your head up and keep working. No matter how bad you think your art may be there is always the end goal that it will be the best one day. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Data Visualization

An important part of the data visualization is that all of it has to do with you. No one else just yourself and your own views and believes on things. Being and athlete and having to look at stats and plays and all the other parts of basketball it reminds me about this and it all makes sense. All the data that is view for sports is just like the data for anything else and sometimes as other the data is not always correct and is not supported. Artists that view things and elements like the tiger in the weeds, is it a tiger coming to eat you or is it just the wind moving the branches? This is a natural instinct that many have and can see the different if it is wind or if it actually is a tiger on its way to eat you. 

Monday, March 13, 2017


Comparing a top to a water bottle to a piece paper towel. And also the white deck top.

The lid to the water bottle is a solid white color which changes paper towel to a light grey/blue color.