Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ways of Seeing:

       When I was watching the video it started by talking about how how the camera can move placing across the world. It talks about how they can take a place that is not physically there and move it by moving the picture and still experience the same effects. and it also talks about how we can see more detail with the picture, more in-depth into the seen. It shows us a video of a horse running and looking at that and experiencing that is like no other. There is no way other then a camera to get that angle, the camera helps us see things not possible by the human eye. 
     What I also found interesting was when he was moving the camera across the old paintings it made the paintings seem more clear and u can see the bigger picture a lot better by seeing the little details better. When he is going through the paintings he has to be very specific with what images he shows first to tell the story. But if you were there looking at the piece you would be looking at everything simultaneously which i found very interesting. Because looking at at something in pieces is very helpful. 

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