Thursday, May 4, 2017

Final Response

My final piece for art was a painting of a landscape near my house at home. I did this because my artist that I focused on this semester was Pablo Picasso, and much like some of his works he worked with landscapes. His one piece called summer landscape was what I based mine off of in a way it is similar with the mountains and the rolling hills in the background. Mine is a picture I took over the summer on a cliff looking over the Delaware river. This picture is very meaningful to me it is a place where my friends and I go all the time to just hangout and take a hike up the mountain side. It is a beautiful view and there are times when Bald Eagles would fly around right in front of our eyes. When you're up there looking down on the river and seeing nature from such an amazing point of view is makes you feel very blessed and free. It is very comforting being there at a place where I grew up and not being surrounded by big city building and sounds of cars driving past all day. 

I believe that this semester was really fun and enjoyable in art class. Most of the projects that we did were not as difficult as I thought they were going to be coming into this class. There are a few things I will take from this class moving forward first is going to be photoshop and then the rule of thirds which is a very important idea for presenting for other classes in the future. One aspect that I feel could have been better was just the timing of getting work in I feel some of the projects took a lot of time to complete outside of the classroom. 

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