Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Post Modernism

In my project I picked the quote " The secret of theory is that truth does not exist" by Jean Baudrillard. For my project I painted the entire background page blue, to signify a night sky. I started by making a collage on photoshop by finding images of a brain, a question mark, the word "secret" as well as the word "theory", and lastly a picture of a globe. Primarily, I placed these images against a background of a pond with a dock and the moon lighting up the water. After that I added photos of question marks brain waves and lightbulbs to represent theory and thinking. After combining all the images together, I then cut the each image out of my collage and placed them on the page sort of random but also planned. After placing them on I glued them and thought about what to do next. I noticed that the image of a night sky was missing something, missing that starry night. So I took the black ink, placed it on a brush and splatted it gently over all the blue to make it look like a sky full of stars. 

I used this quote to portray the meaning that even with factual evidence, no one knows for sure if this is the truth or just one's perspective on something. It is evidence that there are so many theories that come with one idea, theories that individuals change around in time as well as making up their own to  create a new mindset. With the question mark placed the biggest in the middle, it brings your eye sight right to it, to identify that all truth is in question and nothing really is understood to be accurate. Even though one would think the brain would contain all information, I made it equal to the question mark because I wanted to portray that even with the mental capacity to think up these theories, they are still driven through doubts and one's own perspective. The starry night is to signify the thoughts of imagination, how when one looks up at a beautiful night they start to bring together ideas to create a "reality". Secrets are whats hidden in one's truth, ideas that aren't verbally explained but are thought about like the imagination through the starry night. One might believe that their secret is wrong, when in a reality it could possibly be holding the truth.

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